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MBBS, M.D. (Med.)
Alma Mater: SMS Medical College, Jaipur

Dr. S.S. Agarwal was born on 09.11.1953 at Jaipur. He did his graduation and post graduation in Medicine from the prestigious SMS Medical College, Jaipur. Following this, he started his professional career by establishing Swasthya Kalyan Hospital.

Working conditions for private enterprises in 1990s was not easy. Private healthcare institutions other than small nursing homes were unknown at that time. A visionary and a fighter, he started the first private ambulance of the state in 1988 and went on to establish the first private sector blood bank of Rajasthan in 1995 after a long legal battle with the state. This resulted in sharp growth of private practice in the state due to easy availability of blood which was only available in government hospitals at that time. For his inspiring work in the field, he was awarded by the Hon'ble Governer of Rajasthan in the official function of the Republic Day of 2001.

Dr. Agarwal went on to start the first Nuclear Imaging Centre of the state in 1997 which revolutionized the oncology field of the state and paved way for a massive advancement in the field of diagnostic medicine. While working in the private setup, Dr. Agarwal began to realize the importance of skilled education for the continued proliferation of the medical field and how the shortage of the same was restricting the growth of the medical field. He was of the view that a skilled human would not only contribute to his profession, but will also enhance the ability of the nation at large. With this in mind, he entered the education field by establishing theFirst Nursing School of the state in 1998. Since then he has gone on to establish various colleges to boost skill development across the country. These include nursing college, engineering college, paramedical college, yog & naturopathy college, and many more in cities of Jaipur, Tonk, & Chaksu.

Dr. Agarwal has been a medical activist since his residency years when he was the president of Rajasthan Association of Resident Doctors. He has been on the forefront of creating a strong inter & intra-organizational support system for the medicos across the country. In 2008, he became the National Vice President of Indian Medical Association after for years holding the position of Hony. State Secretary of Indian Medical Association (Rajasthan Branch). In 2014, he was unanimously elected as the president of Indian Medical Association which is one of the largest associations of doctors in the world, in course becoming the first practitioner from Rajasthan to hold this position. He currently holds the office of National President (Elect) and from December 2015 will assume the post of National President.

Dr. Agarwal is considered a pioneer in the field of health & education. He consults the state government on various new & existing projects of the field. He has also held the position of President in Medical Practitioners Society and Private Hospitals & Nursing Homes Society Rajasthan, the post of chairman in All Rajasthan Private Doctors Federation, & various respectable posts in API & NMO. He is the Member of Board in various universities and member of various government councils.

During his long and distinguished career, he has travelled worldwide to more than 25 countries for various conferences and paper presentations. He has to his credit more than 100 papers and publications in National & International Journals, Dailies and Magazines and has given more than 1000 lectures at different forums in the Country.